Bursa Tour


Bursa: The first capital of the Ottoman Empire with a history dating back to 4000BC at the heart of the silk and spice trade and Turkey's fourth largest and advanced city. The city which has been the capital of many civilizations and religions for centuries is the hub of many is the hub of many monuments and historical works nowadays. The city’s skyline is comprised of historical landmarks varying from mosques to madrasas and from churches to baths.

Attracting attention for its natura<<<l beauty as well as its rich cultural heritage Bursa is also a much preferred holiday resort for winter sports. Uludağ in Bursa is frequented by both winter and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Home to many Islamic, Christian and Jewish monuments Bursa has also been the site of numerous council meetings which are of great importance to Christians. Within the province of Bursa, Iznik is the most important of the eight Christian pilgrimage sites located in Turkey.  

Well-known for its large shopping centers, bazaars and museums Bursa has a temperate climate. The region is cool in the summer and mild in the winter.


One of the most important contributions of Bursa to the history of Turkish culture is the Karagöz and Hacivat shadow theater. Shadow Theater has reached the land of Bursa in the 17th century and become an important corner stone of Turkish culture since then.

Who wouldn’t like to sightsee a scenic city that harbors a variety of landmarks of different cultures? 


The capital of many civilizations Bursa is blessed with many natural and historical sites that attract the attention of the ecotourism and culture tourism sectors.

Bursa is literally an open-air museum with its many castles, churches, lodges, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas, museums, inns, bridges, spas and cultural centers bearing the traces of history and different civilizations. It is possible to come across a hidden heritage in every corner of the city.

With its natural areas and parks, Bursa is the first choice for sports lovers. The coastal and mountainous sites of the area are ideal for sport enthusiasts who want to spend some entertaining time full of adrenaline. Uludag welcomes all skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering enthusiasts with great pleasure.

Cumalıkızık invites all tourists who want to explore the lifestyle in the old district of Bursa. It is a highly recommended must-see place that is worth the visit before leaving Bursa.

The spas and thermal hotels are among the most valuable assets of Bursa. While relaxing in the healing waters of the thermal springs will feel the tranquility invading your body from top to toe.

The local cuisine, which has originated from the Ottoman cuisine and been enriched with ingredients brought by traders from distant regions, is famous for its delicious and original dishes. While the world-famous Iskender Kebab, served with pita and thinly sliced delicious meat will delight your taste buds the traditional desserts Kemalpasa and candied chestnuts will become your favorite after-dinner desserts.

Silk, which has been the most important product and trade item of Bursa is processed with great efforts so that high quality fabric of silk is obtained. It is highly recommended that you take a look at these special fabrics made of pure silk before leaving Bursa.

Last but not least, Bursa is inviting you to explore the cultural heritage that has evolved under the influence of the Silk Road. 



Bursa Tour Program

price : 70 $

Bursa, first capital of Ottoman Empire, is known to be a natural entertainment center due to its waterfalls, mountains, forests and green areas.


Once we pick all our passengers up from their hotels we hit the road at 08 am. We cross the Asian side via bus and arrive to Topçular. From there we take the ferry for Yalova with a joyful travel accompanied by a nice view of sea. From Yalova we drive to Bursa. In Bursa we firstly visit the waterfall and we can walk around and take pictures as many as we want during the free time until the lunch time. After the lunch we return to the city center of Bursa.


We visit the downtown, historical mosques and malls and we take off to return to Istanbul in the evening. In Istanbul we leave our guests to their hotels and say bye until the next tour we will have together.


Included Services: Transport via vehicles with AC, Guide service

Lunch at the Waterfall (optional: Salmon, meatball or chicken, salad and beverage)


Excluded services: Personal travel insurance, Personal expenses, Breakfast


Departure: 08:00

Return: 23:00