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Abant Nature Tour


Abant is about 200 km. northwest of Ankara on the İstanbul highway and it is 225 km. when you drive from Istanbul. To reach Abant Lake you turn left at the Abant crossing after Bolu, which is one of Turkey's greenest cities.

Surrounded by dense pine forests, the fresh water lake is 1.325 meters above sea level. It has an area of 125 hectares and is fed by underwater sources. Abant is a perfect place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and the stress of the daily grind.

The countryside is pleasantly different in very season. In autumn a forest of reds, yellows and greens combine with the rich hues of soil from the brushstrokes of a painter. In winter the landscape is tucked beneath a pure white blanket. Flora and fauna go wild in the Abant springtime offering an endless treasure for photographers.

The lake in summer has rich plant life with wild fruit trees, flowers, mushrooms all around, and water lilies covering the surface.

The trout farm at Abant is the first in Turkey. There is a fee for fishing, but your chances of catching a few are quite good. The forests around the lake offer perfect living environment for deer, and a special wildlife reserve is dedicated to increasing their numbers.

The seven-kilometers walk around the lake offers a great opportunity to enjoy the environs. While you are walking the noises made by birds and squirrels will be there to accompany you, not to mention the wild strawberries for you to enjoy as you walk. Those who don't wish to walk can ride on a horseback or complete the tour with a horse cart. But be warned, if you are not used to riding a horse you may find it difficult to walk or sit down after your tour! If sitting is no problem, you will find many banks, picnic areas and open-air cafés for a rest en route.

Since hotel development is restricted in the coastal areas of the lake, Abant Palace, Büyük Abant Otel and Abant Köşküor Koru Otel on the Ankara - Istanbul highway are the most convenient places to have a pleasant stay. We strongly recommend a prior reservation for weekends and holidays.

Even on the coldest days, villagers set up stalls close to the hotels selling their home produce including traditional woolen village socks, dried tarhana soup mix (a traditional soup made of yogurt, tomatos, flour and spices), various kinds of cheese, honey, warm fresh bread, butter, dried fruits, jams and even olives. The famous fresh cream of the region is also available. At Banat you'll find the warm hospitality of a traditional Turkish village.

While you are in Abant:
*You can wander on the snow and visit the environ forests and plateaus with the company of a guide.
*If you don't wish to walk then you can enjoy around the lake or at the hotels or ride on sleighs, horse, donkey and horse carriages.
*Although the ice layer covering the lake seems thick never and never try to walk on.
*The villagers set up stalls on weekends and sell their home produce. Don't miss to visit.
*Sucuk-ekmek (grilled faggot and bread) parties at the picnic areas is a characteristic of Abant. They also serve warm wine.
*Otters, one of the most sympathetic animals of the nature, discovered Abant Lake recently. They love cold water and hunting them is forbidden. If you see one we suggest you take a picture.


Tour No: 01

Departure: 08:00

Return: 20:30

Price: 80 $ (Per Person)

Lunch Included



We hit the road towards Abant by picking all passengers up form their hotels at 07:00-08:00 depending upon the precise hour given for you esteemed guests coming from different regions. Our travel lasts nearly 3 hours depending on the traffic conditions and we arrive to Abant Lake. Following the information regarding Abant Lake to be given by our Guide, we walk around the lake during almost 1 hour of free time.

Later we invite you taste the delicious sausage within white bread at the predetermined place and then you are again free to enjoy the incredible view of the lake until the hour of return. You will have the change of taking photographs to immortalize those joyful moments and to bring that beautiful view with you.

You can also do shopping in the village bazaar and take a phaeton. Consequently we hit the road in the evening (about 17:00) to return to Istanbul and we take you, dear guests, to your hotels until the next tour will have together.

Included Services  Transport via AC vehicles, Guide service, Lunch in Abant (Sausage within white bread and beverage)

Excluded Services Expenses at resting places, Personal expenses,  National parks entrance fees, Personal travel insurance