Is a set of hot springs located within 19 km (12 miles) north of the Turkish city of Denizli southwest Turkey and is considered a range of natural hot baths, which contain large amounts of calcium, which over time form a group of natural rock formations resembling icebergs than make this region a special charm and Pamukkale meaning 'Cotton Castle' in Turkish, and is considered Turkish Pamukkale area of ​​the most beautiful places in the world containing the most beautiful scenery it is that the region is Aloh Turkey and one of the areas with the most beautiful scenery in the world and come forth visitors from everywhere to enjoy recreation in these charming region. Pamukkale and one of the best tourism destinations in Turkey and is considered one of the most important sources of income in Pamukkale

Pamukkale pools - hot springs in Pamukkale spread myths that the water of these springs is holy water and his ability Li healing. But in any case certainly bathing in these springs the center of this natural art painting great beauty in itself is great fun. And I've been building Pamukkale in the May 21, 2011, where Greek, Romanian, Byzantine ancient city built the city of Hierapolis on top of 'Castle' White, who in total about 2,700 meters (8,860 meters) 0.600 m (1,970) on a large scale and 160 meters (525) high. It can be seen from the hills on the other side of the valley in the city of Denizli 0.20 km.

And you can visit the hot springs all year round! But it will be unlike any other experience in the winter! Where attract many visitors have the city on hot springs and stones, terraces left by the flowing water metal carbonate, which is located in the "internal Aegean" region in Turkey, in the valley of "River Menderes", which enjoys a mild climate for most of the year.

Visitors enjoy in Pamukkale, where they have a shower in the ponds, which is due for thousands of years old.


Pamukkale city in Turkey and one of the leading regions in Turkey and the most important, and means Pamukkale name Cotton Castle Falls like castle unusual that shines in white, located Pamukkale town in the inner part of the valley of Menderes River, and built the ancient city of Hierapolis Romania and Byzantine on top of a white castle about 2700 length meters and width of 600 meters high and 160 meters .otojd the natural rock pools, a hot springs and mineral waters of a flowing white limestone steps and configure fantastic landscapes unmatched by others.

Those wonderful bathrooms and the date of Pamukkale rich attracts tourists from all over the world to visit, the city and contains many hot springs and spa located inside the rocks and terraces carbon flowing next to the hot water .oaazy that wonderful composition boil that a strong earthquake that shook the country for several centuries has formed cracks to allow Water rich in calcium carbonate that comes to the surface, and then the water evaporated and formed layers over layers of calcium carbonate and deposited to form limestone in Pamukkale that we see today has become one of the most important landscapes that attract tourists where

Scientific research has shown that the hot Pamukkale water emanating from the springs have the ability to cure certain diseases, water is rich in minerals which helps in the treatment of high blood pressure, strokes, arthritis and a number of skin problems, and therefore the site attracts visitors from all over the world who come to prepare their bodies with hot springs or just enjoy the view of those wonderful scenes waters.

The city relies on income and living on tourism where it is the main factor of income and the tourists visit these wonderful city for thousands of years, because of the great views and bathrooms charming and picturesque limestone terraces