Ephesus City and Ephesus (Greek Έφεσος Turkish Efes), one of the greatest ancient Greek cities in Anatolia, located in Lydia region (Lydia) - Historic District in West Alanadol- when Kester River (Cayster River) which flows into the Aegean Sea (in present Turkey ). I have found colonies in the first twelve city of Ephesus. The remnants of the city of Ephesus is the largest polarized for tourists, especially tourists who are traveling in ships.

They also Aloolly city who have used the currency they who invented this deal and the drafters of dirhams and dinars Lydian located this city today in the town of Selcuk in Izmir province, southwest Turkey, close to the Aegean Sea.


Ephesus and the Greek word "spam" is the capital of the Romanian province Asia on the left shore of Alkestr River and three miles from the sea and to the island of Samos. It has built its industrial port, making an important sea ports of Ephesus in ancient times. And Wadi Kestr is the natural gateway to the heart of Asia Minor. The structure of Artemis at Ephesus, making the city the great religious center and a place of pilgrimage for many of the pilgrims.

Greeks have occupied the city of Ephesus in the Ionians atheist century BC and became the capital of ionic Greece has found similarities between the mother of the gods that were worshiped there and the gods Artemis. And it signed the city under the rule of the king of Lydia Criss and Cyrus the Great, King of Persia and Alexander the Great and his successors and the Kingdom of Pergamum In the end, the city fell under the rule of the Romans in 133 BC.

Many have discovered the ruins of Albany, which he saw the Apostle Paul in his time in Ephesus. It did not keep the structure of Artemis, who was one of the Seven Wonders of only foundations, and often re-build this structure. The length of the Apostle Paul was in the era of 342 feet by 164 feet, and it was a hundred marble column length of each of them 55 feet, has been the work of the greatest artists in the decoration inside Greece and decorating. Silver models have discovered this structure similar to what he doeth Demetrius and other jewelers and inscriptions indicate buildings, fences and sheds on magic and superstition to those people. The theater in which the jewelers demonstrated and they caused riots against Christians, one of the largest theaters that have survived from the ancient world. And a description of the 66 seats and place accommodate 24,500 spectators.

Mentioned in old books that Paul has called for a message of Christ in the synagogue in Ephesus during his second voyage. And let there Priscilla and Aquila to carry a Christian witness in Ephesus and established the Apostle Paul during his third trip missionary in Ephesus for a minimum of two years and three months, calling in the complex, and Terrence school and in private homes and pretend he has done jewelers who became crafting, statues of the structure of Artemis industry, The ship stood Apostle later in this trip in Miletus he sent and summoned the elders of the Church of Ephesus and asked them to pay attention to the parish. Paul was sent to the Ephesians, however Tejeks likely it was a circular letter to churches other than the Church of Ephesus. It is likely that Paul visited Ephesus after the first imprisoned in Rome, and he left Timothy there to oversee the functioning of the church.

According to tradition, which documents his health, John spent the last years of his life and ministry in Ephesus. He wrote the Book of Revelation which is on the island of Patmos to Ephesus and the message praise and a warning message to the Church of Ephesus. The city later became an important center of Christianity has coalesced there Third Ecumenical Council in 431 AD.

Kestr silt carried by the river port has been filled. After the Turks took the city built in the year 1308 and is no longer in place these days is full of high-profile Bakherb which he calls the Turks Avis. It has been the judiciary, which warned him in a vision.

It is believed that the city of Ephesus is the city itself Labasa (Apasa or Abasa) that have been mentioned in the sources of the Hittites as the capital of the Kingdom of Orzawa (Arzawa). We have found pottery factory at excavations in this site. There is also the Temple of Artemis (Temple of Artemis), where is the largest building in the ancient world, one of the Seven Wonders.

At the beginning of the Romanian capital of Asia Republic of Ephesus, which lies in the west of Asia Minor it was. The original city was located on low ground, was completely flooded with sea water. Osemjs was built to re-(Lysimachus), which destroyed the city of iPods ((Lebedos and the city of Colophon) Colophon) in the year 292 AD and turned their residence to the new city. Has carried the name of the city, "the first and greatest capital of Asia," was famous for the Temple of Artemis (Temple of Artemis) "Diana Diana - the goddess Alamary-" where there Mausoleum.

He also characterized Ephesus with its library and its suburbs, which sought 25,000 people, it was like any theater Old Theater: Open to the sky and is used for drama, and in the era of the Romans was killing people in it to death. I took the Goths Ephesus in 263, but remained the most important city in the Byzantine era.


We begin the tour of Isa Bey Mosque, then to Ephesus ancient city, which lies on the west coast of Asia Minor, Enzehaly Celsus Library, the Temple of Hadrian and the Fountain of Trajan in ancient Ephesus .badha walking in the street historic marble to a large theater where he preached St. Paul we are going to meet at the end of the day . Lunch buffet in the local Turkish restaurants. In the afternoon visit the cooperative carpet weaving center to see how the hand-made Turkish carpet. Go to the house of the Virgin Mary, and is believed to be where she spent the last years of her life. Finally embark on the Temple of Artemis (Diana), on one side of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. In the end will be in the skin outlet center overnight in Kusadasi