A miracle of nature and the gift coincidences geological They creativity creator who inspired to Vnanoha (volcanoes-rain-wind) and over millions of years, began bustling with life when Joalleha fleeing from the oppression of the Romans from the Christians of the Mediterranean basin east Venhtwa the underground cities and tunnels and mazes and houses in Upper Rocky Mountain, became a great example between nature and man it Kabaduquea.ohm attractions by (rock churches, underground cities, rock castles, valleys and labyrinths rock) .tqa city of Cappadocia in the province of Central Anatolia (central Turkey) and away from the Ankara 276 km and Istanbul, 730 km .tdm so-called "chimneys that are found inside churches and" volcanic peaks, "including people who lived thousands of years has been carving rocks for the establishment of castles and even underground cities and houses and individual cages for the bathroom

Is a gem of important materials used in the construction of these houses

Because this is the area where there are volcanic mountains and at the exit of melting as a result of Bracken becomes stone suitable for building material and characterized this region Baldwie in the winter and cool in summer


Real encounter will almost with the surface of Mars is in the valley of Dervynt in Cappadocia! Where amazing rock formations and walk through the museum Zloy antenna on a trip to the past with the first houses caves inhabited monastic settlements in Cappadocia and another abandoned settlement. After Zloy visit fairy chimneys "Pasha Dag" where the sound of the wind interferes with songs Gin. From here we stop in Avanos pottery art center since 3000 BC to participate in the workshop of traditional pottery work. After lunch in Avanos we visit the famous open air museum "Goreme" to see the most beautiful examples of Byzantine art in Cappadocia has been found in the rocky churches with frescoes and fees dating to before the tenth century. Complete the trip a visit to Castle Uchisar rocky giving you an offer Banuraya to the valleys of Cappadocia.