About Sapanca

Sapanca, within the borders of Sakarya province in the Marmara Region of Turkey, is a lovely district with lush verdant forests, a lake offering picturesque charming views and tranquil and peaceful villages. If we think of Sapanca as a bridge between Istanbul and Ankara, we can easily say that the most beautiful portion of this bridge is Sapanca’s undiscovered scenic landscape. Sapanca is a relaxing and secluded vacation heaven away from the hustle and bustle of city life and can easily be reached via the main interstate highway in 45 minutes from Sabiha Gökçen Airport located on the Asian side of Istanbul. 

Sapanca and its surroundings offer many pleasurable alternatives for visitors in all seasons. For example, you can enjoy a seafood spread by the lake or mountains; a relaxing picnic in the cradle of nature; nature walks; water skiing on the lake; skiing in the winter; paintball, ATV and other off-road adrenalin sports activities; or a tour of the plantation areas and flower gardens. However and most importantly, you will have an opportunity to relax and unwind in the heart of nature with your loved ones.. 

Sakarya which was a route linking Middle Anatolia to Istanbul at the past, is now the important junction of Istanbul and Ankara. Sakarya which is dated to the Roman period, has got another chance besides the geographical position. The nature is donated to the city very generously so that it is like an heaven for the people who wish to take a vacation in nature, as well as make natural sports. With its sea, rivers, smaller or bigger lakes, high plateaus, valleys, and forests, Sakarya has got all the opportunities for the natural sports, and important investments and progresses have been made in this field. Over the periods from Roman Empire through to Ottoman and from Ottoman through to our time, Sakarya is the city which has been a home for the civilizations with its geographical position and climates; and is richly equipped with historical heritages. The city has been built in a level land between the sea in the north and the mountain range in the south, and the Sakarya River flowing across in the middle of the city, grants fruitfulness to this land. Sakarya Akyazı, Ferizli, Geyve, Hendek, Karapürçek, Karasu, Kaynarca, Kocaali, Pamukova, Sapanca, Söğütlü, and Taraklı are the 12 administrative districts of Sakarya. 

The Houses of Taraklı 
In many districts of Sakarya, the best samples of Ottoman architecture still remain and resist to the time. Some of them are lucky; because at the end of the renovation workings they still remain standing never losing their originality. 

Nevertheless, if we consider the places not lost their original architectural features, one of the few luckily towns of Turkey, is in Sakarya: Taraklı. It is an Ottoman settlement dated 19. Century. The style and form of architecture have been preserved until today. With the speeding renovation working up, it is on the way of being another Safranbolu. With its colorful, bay-windowed houses, nature, clean streets and parks, Taraklı is not only the one of foremost centers for domestic tourism, also one of the tourismagnetic area with its clean, dam-free weather, very narrow street smelled of wood and resisting to concreting. Besides the tourism of culture, Taraklı becomes another foremost center of tourism for its high plateaus with the fascinating nature.

 Maşukiye Waterfall, Kartepe (Snowy Hill), Sapanca Lake