Camlıca Hill

Camlıca Hill

Big Camlıca Hill

Big Çamlıca Hill (Turkish: Büyük Çamlıca Tepesi, Büyükçamlıca Tepesi) is a hill in Üsküdar, Istanbul. There is another hill named Çamlıca as well, but it isn't as tall as Big Çamlıca, and thus, another name for the smaller hill is "Small Çamlıca Hill".


Çamlıca Hill is 268 meters above sea level. On the hill, there are 18 radio and TV towers. The hill is a touristic place. There is one restaurant made by city hall and many cafes. Çamlıca hill is surrounded by trees.


Çamlıca Hill is a favorite picnic area in Istanbul. Domestic and foreign tourists are attracted to it. Due to its beauty, the hill has inspired many writers to compose songs and poems about it.