Beaches in Alanya

Beaches in Alanya

Beaches İn Alanya

Cleopatra/ Damlataş beach is situated on the western side of the peninsula which splits Alanya into two. The beach is said to be Alanya’s best. The sand is finer and there are not many rocks or stones but the water does deepen more quickly than at the eastern beach. When Queen Cleopatra of Egypt was given the area around Alanya as a present from the Roman general Antony, she bathed at the foot of the cliff every day. Originally there was a tunnel, leading from the castle directly to her private beach, through which she was carried whenever she wanted to swim. The 3.5 kilometer long beach is also known as Damlataş Beach because of the Damlataş dripstone cave on the western side of the peninsula discovered in 1948. Today the cave is one of Alanya’s many tourist attractions.


Alanya’s Eastern Beach starts at the Alanya peninsula and continues for about 40 km east towards the provincial town of Gazipasa. The beach is also called Keykubat or Begonville beach after Sultan Alaadin Keykubat who conquered Alanya in 1226 and the many begonville flowers growing along the eastern beach promenade. The water here does not deepen as quickly as at Cleopatra beach, making the eastern beach more child friendly. At the eastern beach a variety of activities is available either on the beach or in the sea.


Incekum Beach is often said to be one of the better beaches on the south coast of Turkey. It has fine sand and the crystal clear water deepens very gradually. Set on a beautiful green peninsula in Incekum, this beautiful white sand beach is only 28 kilomteres from the centre of Alanya and the Antalya airport 98 kilometers away. Because of the shallow water, the beach is especially recommended for families with children. It is approximately 2 kilometers in length and umbrellas and sun beds available on the beach.

Konakli Beach is nearly 10 kilometers in length. It is totally sand but some small rocks add a natural look to the beach. Along the beach are buffets and many water sports are available. Formerly known as Telatiye, Konakli is now a popular holiday resort on the Turkish Riviera. Konakli is a 90 minute drive by car or coach from Antalya airport and is 15 minutes away from Alanya. Every Wednesday there is the Konakli outdoor market where you can pick up holiday souvenirs. Konakli has a good range of shops, bars and restaurants.

Ulaş Beach is at the edge of the road five miles west of Alanya. There is a slope behind the beach on which is built a hewn stone retaining wall given the image of an old castle. To get to Ulaş Beach there are daily excursion boats and on the rocky hillside is a picnic area for visitors with seating areas equipped for cooking. It is situated in a lush environment with scrub plants, flowers and trees. There is also transportation provided by regular bus service to the city center. For visitors the picnic area and beach there is an access fee. There is parking space for private vehicles.


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